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In this section our website you will find articles for aesthetes of the world of beauty - design and art.

5 Steps to successful real estate bookkeeping for investing.

От: Mila (Slavianin)
How to make repairs without a designer?

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От: liminovarabota (etxt © wm-painting.ru, translate)

Self-adhesive wallpaper. Choice

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a fashionable and practical solution, thanks to which any space can look really impressive. One idea of composition and properly selected photo wallpapers is enough to change the character of this interior.

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От: liminovarabota (etxt © wm-painting.ru, translate)
Having decided to work at home, it is worth finding a suitable workspace that will help you focus, disconnect from household chores and work effectively.

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От: danako (advg) © wm-painting.ru (transl)
What you need to know when decorating a children's room

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От: OldZem (advego) ©wm-painting.ru (translate)

Oriental traditions of landscape culture

Japanese and Tuscan styles of landscape design are described.

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От: OldZem

Landscape design: features of the English and French parks

The article discusses the features of the landscape design of the English and French parks.

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От: OldZem (transl)

National features of Japanese housing

The article describes the national characteristics of the construction of residential real estate in Japan.

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От: tema1010 (etxt) ©wm-painting.ru (translate)

Top 7 Best Films featuring Will Smith

The actor has repeatedly proved that it was not for nothing that he achieved popularity and starred in several dozen films.

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От: OldZem (advego) © wm-painting.ru (transl)
Plants for the alpine slide

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От: chippa (transl)

India is the home of sweets

Indian sweets are various combinations of differently prepared milk, sugar, flour, vegetables, fruits and dried fruits, as well as all kinds of confectionery additives and spices.

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