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Self-adhesive wallpaper. Choice

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a fashionable and practical solution, thanks to which any space can look really impressive. One idea of composition and properly selected photo wallpapers is enough to change the character of this interior.

Instant wall change - self-adhesive wallpaper

The self-adhesive mural has an original and refined structure that guarantees a perfect visual effect. The decoration retains its properties for a long time, pleasing with its appearance. A great offer for those who do not like boredom in the interior. Choosing wallpapers, you can easily keep up with changing trends or tastes of the household.

Installation of self-adhesive photo wallpapers does not require the use of specialized adhesives. The material is already covered with an adhesive layer, it remains only to carefully glue the decoration to the selected surface, which has been properly prepared. Substrates painted with latex paint or Teflon must be additionally sanded with sandpaper. To check the condition of the substrate preparation, it is recommended to first conduct an adhesion test.

Richness of patterns and motifs

Self-adhesive wallpapers represent a wide range of original graphics. You can create many different compositions depending on the nature of the interior. A painting with an extensive landscape will optically increase the space, which is especially desirable in small rooms. Wallpapers of light tones have similar properties.

In a dimly lit place, graphics with delicate patterns will look good, it will warm and decorate the interior. If the room is spacious and bright, you can choose patterns in cool shades of blue or green. A huge selection of colors and motifs also allows you to decorate the children's room and create a friendly space for recreation and entertainment.

Metamorphoses of walls and much more

Self-adhesive wallpaper is usually smooth and thin vinyl materials, but they can be thicker and structured. An example of this is a self-adhesive polyester fabric. A well-chosen motif can decorate furniture facades, countertops or tables. Photo wallpapers are ideal for masking various elements of the interior. By pasting graphics on the entire wall and the door on it, you can achieve the effect of a hidden transition. Photo wallpapers can be installed butt-to-butt or overlapping. A special material with a delayed adhesive activation process allows you to adapt the drawing to a given surface. Due to the fact that the glue takes time to set.

Practicality and usefulness of self-adhesive wallpaper in the interior

Choosing self-adhesive wallpaper, you should pay attention to their finish. Those made in Passepartout look much better inside and do not reflect light. Self-adhesive graphics with a thin linen structure looks very impressive. You can get an interesting visual effect on monochrome patterns in shades of black or gray.

Currently produced self-adhesive photo wallpapers are an excellent alternative to walls covered only with ordinary paint. The big advantage is that they are easy to clean. The material is resistant to washing and abrasion. It is enough to wipe the formed spots with a damp cloth. This type of photo wallpaper is ideal for the kitchen or other rooms exposed to dirt and dust.

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