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Plants for the alpine slide.

It is necessary to prepare for planting plants with the arrival of the spring season in the man-made rock garden in advance, at a time when inclement weather and cold are outside the window. You need to choose floral and vegetable compositions, while understanding that the abundance of vegetation will spoil the appearance of the Alpine slide.

There are groups of plants that can be used to form a rock garden. At the same time, perennial plant communities that are characteristic of the Alps and other high-altitude territories should be noted as the main group. Fantasizing and composing a composition of all kinds of plants for the future alpine slide, you should adhere to some rules, the main of which is the need to plant the most attractive and interesting representatives of the flora in isolation, while dim and nondescript flowers should be planted in small groups. One of the most difficult moments in the selection of a plant composition for a rock garden is considered to be such a specific choice of plants so that their flowering time does not coincide, and then the alpine slide will delight with its wonderful view throughout the warm season of the year. This means that part of the plants should bloom in late spring - early summer, the second flow of flowering should come in the middle of the summer season and the rest of the vegetation should decorate the rock garden closer to the end of summer - early autumn.

Most often, when organizing a rock garden, the vegetation is chosen perennial, among alpine flora representatives. These are, as a rule, aubrieta, fescue, lavender, mottled jasnotka, mylnyanka, geranium, saxifrage, rhesus and rock borage. Such plants require regular care, it is necessary to determine in advance the place of their planting and carefully monitor their growth and development. Such plants grow quite rapidly and are able to displace weaker species, blocking their access to light.

Cracks and fractures between rock fragments are suitable for planting low-growing and unattractive plants. Expressive and bright perennial plant species should occupy the center of the plant composition. Such bright accents in the composition will attract attention to the main artistic solutions of the whole rock garden ensemble.

You should carefully choose shrubby plants when organizing the overall composition of the alpine slide. It is necessary to choose them quite carefully and carefully, competently choosing a place for them, as well as the type of shrub itself. Such representatives of shrubby plants as Japanese maple, erica, azalea, pieris, wolfberry, white turf, rosemary, dwarf roses, forsythia, as well as shrubby lapchatka are the most popular in the construction of the compositional solution of the rock garden.

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