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We make repairs without a designer

Many, planning the renovation of a house or apartment, do not use the services of a designer, believing that they can perfectly do without him. Of course, everyone wants their home to look beautiful, to embody their fantasies and ideas in the interior. How to avoid common problems and errors during repair?

You need to decide what suits you in your home and what needs to be improved; you have a personal vision of a comfortable interior; of course, you need to take into account your habits and inclinations; it is also better to familiarize yourself in advance with the interior design options of the Internet or various specialized literature.

So, what are the problems facing most people who make repairs without resorting to the services of a designer? It is often difficult to decide on a color, because when choosing a paint in a store, you see it on a small sample. And on the wall, under different lighting conditions, the paint takes on a different shade. Sometimes it does not meet your expectations, as a result, you have to repaint the walls of the room. It is also important to take into account when choosing a color the area and size of the room, the type of lighting, the availability of available furniture and its color. By the way, you need to take into account what the purpose of the room is and what kind of flooring will be in this room.

When performing repairs, it is important to observe the simple principle of an integrated approach, that is, to consider the room as a whole. Before the start of the repair, we need to decide what kind of interior we want to see after its completion, what we would like to change, it is also desirable to plan the sequence of actions during the repair. You need to order windows and doors in advance, having previously received expert advice on which ones are suitable for your house or apartment. It is also better to entrust the installation of doors and windows to professionals. It is necessary to decide in advance where the furniture and other interior items will be located.

At the first stage, it is necessary to completely vacate the room. Then you need to perform dismantling activities. After this work, a lot of garbage remains, which will then have to be removed from the room. So, we remove the old wallpaper, flooring, remove the old plaster, dismantle the interior door. It is advisable to immediately remove everything, after which it is necessary to throw out a lot of garbage. The next stage is the execution of work with electrical wiring. It is necessary to replace the old wiring or lay a new one if necessary. Of course, the issue of lighting and the location of outlets must be resolved in advance. For convenience, indicate this on the room plan or in the design project.

Next, you need to install the ordered windows. Previously, you need to align the wall planes with plaster or drywall, where the window will be located. If you decide to make major repairs, then the next stage is leveling the ceiling, walls, preparing the floor for screed, laying insulation. Then the repair work is carried out in this sequence - we start with the floor, then the walls and finish with the floor. In the same sequence, putty, painting or wallpapering are performed.

The next stage is the installation of doors after preparing the doorway and finishing the putty of the walls and ceiling, while the floors must be prepared for laying the floor covering. The work is carried out in the following order. First, the selected door is installed, then the ceiling is painted, the walls can be painted or wallpapered. After that, the installation of electrical fittings is carried out, laminate, carpet or linoleum is laid.

Everyone decides for himself whether to do all the work with his own hands or hire specialists, whether to attract a designer. If you are a busy person, then due to the lack of time and opportunity, of course, taking into account the material side of the issue, it is better to use the services of specialized organizations whose employees have the necessary skills and know the subtleties of the case. But if you decide to do the repair yourself, it is better to make an action plan and a layout of the premises for the convenience of the necessary calculations. Taking into account the above material, you will be able to avoid common mistakes and make repairs yourself without the help of a designer.

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