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Опубликовано: Декабрь 2, 2021

National features of Japanese housing

The housing of various countries of the world is distinguished by its color, individuality and originality. Its features are determined by the traditions and customs of the country, its natural features and worldview, a sense of the surrounding world and the world in itself. Thus, it is possible to identify the main characteristic features and national peculiarities of building construction for each state, in particular for Japan.

Residential real estate in Japan is an example of the ideas of minimalism. The main feature of Japanese housing is its cost, which exceeds all world real estate prices. Not even every resident of Japan with his significant annual income is able to buy a tiny one-room apartment in Tokyo. Because of such high housing prices, many young married couples are forced to live with their parents. At the same time, several generations manage to get along on a small area of the apartment at the same time.

The peculiarity of housing, of course, is also due to the national traditions of this people. The square footage of their apartment is translated into tatams. For example, the size of the bedroom is estimated at 6-8 tatams. The owners spend the night there and clean them in special niches during the day. And what is most remarkable is that such bedrooms can also be observed in well-to-do, wealthy Japanese who are even trying to remake an apartment for a European style.

Partitions in Japanese homes are often replaced with screens. In this connection, hotels are very popular, where a couple can spend at least a couple of hours alone, indulging in love. Moreover, the prices in these "hotels of love" are quite acceptable.

As for interior decoration, here the Japanese adhere to the desire to preserve the purity of nature, its innocence and fill the house exclusively with natural materials and products. They prefer wooden floors, smooth polished walls, furniture of their good varieties of wood.

The features of Japanese apartments include the presence of a bathroom, not a shower cabin, and the bathroom is divided. The owners like to pamper themselves with bath treatments with aromatic oils, salt and foam, which, in their opinion, relieves fatigue well and is an excellent prevention of stress and depression.

Apartments on the first and last floors are especially appreciated, as well as in Israel. The prestige of this housing is added by the opportunity to have a small plot of land in front of the house or to organize a greenhouse, a winter garden on the roof of the building.

Rustic Japanese houses are usually built without a foundation, light, wooden. Such housing, as a rule, has load-bearing columns and wooden panels that make up the walls of the house.

Since Japan is located in a seismically dangerous zone, houses are built taking into account these natural features, making them resistant to frequent earthquakes.

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