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What you need to know when decorating a children's room

There are only five simple rules that all parents must learn before they start decorating the nursery.

The first is security. There should be as few sharp corners and glass objects in the room as possible. All interior items and finishes are made of natural materials only.

The second is a soothing color scheme. An active daily life can lead to constant fatigue. Therefore, the child should calm down at home, this is facilitated by the design of the room in pink, olive or yellow tones.

The third is accessibility. The child will become independent only if he can do everything himself. Take care of the reach of all the things he needs.

The fourth is the small details of the interior. Psychologists claim that looking at small drawings on wallpaper develops imagination.

Fifth– it is better to hang children's drawings not in the nursery. The child has already expressed everything he wanted on paper, now he wants his parents to understand it. And how will they understand if they don't see the drawing?

Experts advise

The nursery should not resemble a hotel or an office. Divide the room into several zones, use the neoclassical style in the design, achieve a feeling of comfort and warmth. This will be facilitated by soft toys, curtains made of light material, sofa cushions and light tones of the overall design of the room.

Calculate the sizes of objects correctly. Some of them cannot be bought for "growth". Do not clutter up the room with unnecessary interior items yet. The little owner of the room should have space for active games. All the items he needs should be placed on the table. The wardrobe should be small in the nursery so that the child can easily reach the right things. The bed, it is best to buy a non-collapsible, with a comfortable mattress and a low back. In the nursery, it is advisable not to use fluorescent lamps – there should be as much natural light as possible. A table lamp must be placed on the child's desk. There should be enough free space under the table for outstretched legs.

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