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Опубликовано: Декабрь 2, 2021

Landscape design: features of the English and French parks

The English park and the English garden, having common roots, still differ significantly, first of all, in the format of the territory for the landscape ensemble. In fact, the English park is the direction of landscape art, while the English garden is landscape design.

Before the emergence of the French style, a landscape style was formed in the UK, which was later called English. He became isolated under the influence of the style of the regular park of France.

Distinguished by its culture, identity and individuality of ideological views, England has always been a leading world power, while occupying a small territory of islands. Landscape English Park has become a traditional landscape solution of local professional gardeners. He is characterized by greatness and simplicity, triumph and splendor. And now this style has won its rightful place among other modern trends of landscape culture. The landscape technique of the English park has rapidly spread throughout Europe, having chosen the secluded places of Moscow, Munich, Paris.

The English garden is called the cottage direction of landscape design. It occupies, as a rule, a small area, differing in the original principle of the garden. The basis is also landscape technique, an emphasis on the naturalness of the natural ensemble. The distinctive characteristics of the English garden can be considered a rustic decor with elements of romanticism, supporting the idea of endurance, tranquility and English order. Here you can see small painted fences and flower beds in old wheelbarrows, uneven curbs, etc. However, despite minor errors and simplicity in the design of the garden, it requires regular maintenance and due attention. This element of the English village in miniature can be made independently on your own plot.

The structure of the French regular park is based on the clarity and geometric correctness of the lines, shrubs are also given strictly correct geometric shapes. It was from these parks that the art of artistic plant cutting began to develop rapidly. Elements of a regular garden can often be found in private landscape projects, although it is considered quite demanding for constant and careful care. Having gone a long way to the modern style of the French park, he absorbed the cultural traditions of Europe and its philosophy for many centuries, which was reflected in a clear order, rigid system, correctness and rigor of forms. Embodying all the greatness of man over nature, the French practice of gardening still remains relevant, organically merging into other cultures and traditions of landscape design. Despite the difficulty in creating and maintaining such a regular park, you can try to imitate a small landscape plot of the famous Versailles on your site.

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