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In this section our website you will find articles for aesthetes of the world of beauty - design and art.

Welcome to our website! The site has been around since 2006, and numerous enthusiasts have contributed to its creation and content to provide you with engaging film reviews, interesting articles on interior styles and design, as well as captivating stories about paintings, artists, museums, and unusual travel destinations.

Our film reviews offer a deep and comprehensive analysis of individual movies. We not only consider the plot and acting but also cinematography, musical accompaniment, and the overall atmosphere of the film. Whether it's new releases or classics, we strive to give you a complete understanding of the movie.

Our articles on interior styles and design will help you bring your boldest ideas for your home to life. We share tips on furniture selection, color schemes, lighting, and accessories to create a harmonious and cozy environment. You will learn about different interior styles, their characteristics, and the elements that will help you embody your chosen style.

Not only films and design, but we also delve into paintings and artists who inspire the world of art. We offer interesting stories about famous artworks and talented artists. Additionally, we explore the world of museums and provide detailed descriptions of the most astonishing and unusual travel destinations where you can enjoy beautiful works of art.

Top 7 Best Films featuring Will Smith

From the very beginning of his career, Will Smith was distinguished from many colleagues by his special charm and charisma. The actor has repeatedly proved that it was not for nothing that he achieved popularity and starred in several dozen films. Fans admit that every image of Will is full of life, energy and individuality. It is worth considering films with the most outstanding roles of an actor.


The film contains elements of science fiction, action and comedy. The main character adapts to the whole character of the movie. He, like the whole film, is excessively straightforward and somewhat rude. However, for all the sharpness of the image, Smith does not lose his appeal. It's just as nice to look at him as it is to listen to his sarcastic jokes.

"Bad guys"

Despite the fact that the movie was shot in 1995, it is still relevant. The jokes and habits of the two policemen still catch on. The film is intended for viewing by the 16+ audience category. The partners are so fun and relaxed fighting crime that it is impossible to take your eyes off during the entire viewing.

"Independence Day"

It was this picture that brought Will real recognition. Even those people who are practically unfamiliar with the actor's work recall that they glimpsed him in this film.
Humanity has encountered alien inhabitants. The situation is fraught with devastating consequences for the whole world if measures are not taken in time.

"Rules of removal: The Hitch Method"

A professional in his field teaches his clients how to properly "approach" girls. He is approached by guys and men who do not know how, or do not know how to properly communicate with the opposite sex. Hitch is smart and clever only in the role of coach, however, when it comes to his personal life, not everything goes smoothly. Such a shoemaker without boots.

"I, the robot"

A kind of detective story with humorous overtones. The film was partially based on a collection of fantasy stories by Isaac Asimov. The plot is filled with dynamic developments and philosophical thoughts about what awaits humanity in the future. By the way, there were also mind-blowing special effects.

"I am a legend"

Terrible mutant zombies appeared in the city so suddenly that no one was ready for it either mentally or physically. However, as in any good action movie, there will be a hero on guard of the order of the inhabitants of the planet. Will is simply irresistible in this movie, but his furry partner certainly coped with his task no worse.

"Enemy of the state"

This is a story about a man who risked going against the system in order to achieve justice. An ordinary lawyer finds dirt on an influential chino

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