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French chandeliers - an elegant interior decoration

What are French chandeliers? Their history and characteristics. Materials used to make chandeliers.

A decorative element such as a French chandelier will certainly not go unnoticed. Typically, this chandelier is hung in rooms with high ceilings and takes center stage in the room. If English chandeliers consist of many pendants, then for French ones, the main components are wrought iron elements. French chandeliers will not only light up the room, but they will also become the subject of conversation and intricate decorative detail that will attract attention.


In the Middle Ages, French chandeliers imagined simple iron candelabra in which candles were inserted. And in the 17th century, such candelabra began to be richly decorated for persons of royal blood, including for the French king Louis XIV who appreciated luxury. And already in the 18-19th century. French chandeliers were made in different sizes to suit any home. They were decorated with crystals, beads and flowers to make the chandeliers look richer.

Character traits

French chandeliers are made of iron, which is bent to give it the desired shape. Iron forms the frame of the chandelier, and then this frame is decorated with decorative details from other materials. Unlike chandeliers, which are composed of elements suspended from chains, French chandeliers look like a bouquet of flowers, where iron stems diverge from the center with bulbs at the ends instead of flowers. The number of bulbs may vary, but more often there are at least six.


Modern French chandeliers are often made from other materials, including porcelain and glass, but the classics that are an integral part of the French rustic interior style are still made from intricately curved iron. Due to the complexity of the production of such chandeliers, it is quite expensive to replace damaged parts.

French chandeliers were also made of aged bronze decorated with carved glass pendants. Such a chandelier will give the room an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. Iron or bronze can also be gilded and combined with other decorative pieces in the same style, such as an antique cabinet, table, or mirror.

Source: www.wm-painting.ru/iskusstvo_dizaina/p2_articleid/1969

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