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Selection of a stone for an alpine slide

It is impossible to build a rock garden without a special selection of stones.

There are some rules for the selection of material for the construction of an alpine slide. Firstly, experts recommend using stones only of natural origin, not collected from meadows and fields, and also pressed stones and concrete are not needed. In addition, when organizing a rock garden, you need to use only the same type of stones, such as sandstone or slate, without mixing stones of different mineralogical composition. The last point of the rules is that the weight of stones should exceed 10-15 kg, the best option would be a weight of about 100 kg, while it is advisable to choose stones with traces of destruction and weathering.

Not all rocks are suitable for creating an alpine slide. Let's consider the characteristics of the most popular breeds in connection with the organization of the rock garden.

Sandstone has a very important advantage for our purposes, which is represented by a variety of colors. The stone can have sandy shades, creamy gray or reddish. Fragments of sandstone, as a rule, have a rounded shape, and sharp corners persist for a fairly long period of time.

Slate also characterizes the special attractiveness of the color. You can find a breed of gray, purple and even green shade. It is very malleable to all kinds of weathering and destruction processes, grinding and smoothing over time.

Limestone is less resistant to the harmful effects of external environmental factors. When weathering, its sharp edges quickly roll over and wear off. But limestone has an important advantage in the construction of an alpine slide - fragments of this rock are often covered with lichens and mosses, which gives the stones a kind of naturalness and proximity to natural landscapes. However, limestone can provoke liming of the soil, which will negatively affect the growth and development of plants planted here. As a rule, limestone has a light shade of white or grayish color, much less common is a breed of golden or bluish color. They can also offer you cream-colored limestone, although it will quickly delaminate and crumble, not differing in any durability.
Granite for creating an alpine slide is exceptionally hard. The sharp edges of granite are difficult to abrasion and natural wear. In this regard, it is of little use for our purposes, since it does not form a natural rock garden, but only emphasizes its artificiality and man-made.

Limestone with a porous structure and containing remnants of flora - tuff or travertine. This rock is twice as light as ordinary limestone. And due to its porous structure, tuff is quite often used for planting and growing all kinds of representatives of the plant world.

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