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The rarest jewelry stones in the world

Which of the gemstones are the least common? Red diamonds. Black opals. Painite. Musgrave. Eremeevit.

Jewelry stones are rare minerals that are polished and polished for use as jewelry. The smaller the mineral deposits, the more rare and valuable the stone will be. The Society of Gemologists did not come to a consensus on which stone is considered the rarest, but all applicants differ in beauty, high cost and rarity.

Fantasy Red Diamonds

Red diamonds, also known as fancy red diamonds, are the rarest and most expensive of all diamonds. Like colorless diamonds, they are made of carbon, but a bright red color sets them apart from a series of other stones. Only pure red diamonds without an admixture of other shades can be considered “fantasy”. Fantasy diamonds were first discovered at Argyll in Australia, and so far only 35 such stones have been found. The largest of them was found by a Brazilian farmer in 1990. This stone is called "Red Mussaeff". Red diamonds sell at $ 2.5 million per carat.

Black opal

Australia's national stone, black opal, is the most valuable of all opals. Its price is comparable to the price of diamonds and reaches 500 thousand dollars for one stone. Contrary to its name, black opal is not really black at all. It is an opaque stone of black or dark gray color with light spots. When a stone reflects light, it plays with bright tints of rainbow colors.


In 1951, in Burma, the British mineralogist Arthur Payne discovered painite. Until 1979, it was known that there were only three such crystals, which made painite the rarest mineral in the world. This stone consists of oxygen, aluminum, boron, calcium and zirconium. Painite has a reddish-brown color, which, under ultraviolet radiation, appears green. It is sold at 50-60 thousand dollars per carat.


This mineral was found in 1967 in Australia. By many properties, musgravite is similar to taafeite, for which it is often mistaken for. Musgravite has a pale olive-green, gray, lilac and grayish-violet color. It is called "a rarity among rarities" and is estimated at 35 thousand dollars per carat. By 2005, only 8 of these stones were discovered in the world.


Russian mineralogist and engineer Pavel Eremeev found Eremeevit in 1883 in Nambia. By 2010, the only known locations for Yeremeyevit were Cape Cross in Nambia and Mount Soktuy in Russia. In nature, yeremeevit is formed in the form of small oblong crystals, which can be colorless, sky blue, dark blue or pale yellow. Eremeevit can be purchased at a price of 2 thousand dollars per carat.

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