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Austrian Swarovski crystals

Austrian crystals are artificial stones, the manufacturing process of which was developed by Daniel Swarovski. Swarovski was born in 1862 in Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic. For two years, he worked as an assistant in his father's glass factory. This experience and the idea that came to him when observing light effects became the Foundation for the creation of these famous crystals. The term "Austrian crystals" refers to crystals created by Swarovski.

Innovative technology

Inspired by the work of Thomas Edison, Daniel Swarovski created an automatic crystal cutting machine, which he patented in 1892. This machine became the basis for mass production of Austrian crystals. In 1895, he founded his Swarovski crystal company in the Austrian city of Wattens, away from the prying eyes of competing jewelers and closer to the source of the electricity needed to run the factory.

Unique composition

Swarovski sought to create crystals with a high degree of refraction. The sparkle of the crystal depends on the refraction, that is, the refraction of light waves. During the experiment, the crystal has developed a process that allows you to create high quality lead crystal. He added at least 32% lead to the molten glass, resulting in crystal with very high refraction and, therefore, gloss.

Precise cut

Today, computer technology is used to make crystals with identical faces. A computer program creates a design from 100 faces in different directions and turns this design into a three-dimensional model. This technique was improved in 1995.

Fabric of crystal

In 1993. The swarowskis developed a crystal grid - a special material made of small crystals that are tightly arranged next to each other. Swarovski collaborated with design houses, including Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, to make clothing items from this fabric.

Source of inspiration

The Northern lights, whose Latin name is "Aurora Borealis", inspired Swarovski to create rainbow-colored crystals. In 1950, in collaboration with Christian Dior, the Swarovski company achieved great success in demonstrating jewelry with Aurora Borealis crystals. They are still used by many designers to decorate jewelry collections.

Swarovski crystals today

The company founded by Swarovski continues its successful history. The world paid special attention to Austrian crystals when the crystal mouse was created in 1976 as a symbol of the Winter Olympics held in the Austrian city of Innsbruck. Today, Austrian crystals are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes. Both professional jewelers and Amateurs can buy Austrian Swarovski crystals wholesale or retail.

Source: https://www.wm-painting.ru/iskusstvo_dizaina/p2_articleid/1884

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