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Spain for tourists - the birthplace of paella and jamon

True Iberian cuisine can be loved only where it is born-under the hot Mediterranean sun.

As in any other country, Spain has one of the most famous dishes. This is paella-specially prepared rice with various additives. By the way, so popular among foreign tourists paella with seafood themselves Spaniards do not really like, preferring to add pork or chicken to rice. In addition, the dish is put pepper, lemon, peas and all sorts of spices. It is prepared on large heavy pans, which are also called "paella". And although every Spanish province has its own version of this specialty, it is believed that the best paella is in Valencia, the standard cost of a full portion is 7-9 euros.

Frozen prawns

photo: © krmagazine.ru

In neighboring Catalonia, which is no less popular with Russian tourists than Valencia, the role of the national dish is probably played by tortilla – a thick potato omelet with mushrooms, fish and meat. It is usually eaten after eight in the evening, when the heat of the day subsides in Barcelona.

The cuisine of another Mediterranean province – Andalusia – was greatly influenced by the Arab culture. This is how the recipe for the world-famous cold tomato gazpacho soup with garlic, olive oil and Apple cider vinegar was born. In an inexpensive restaurant, a portion of gazpacho costs 4-6 euros.

And if we talk about the first dishes in General, in Spain itself, everywhere with great pleasure eat semolina soup-cream with almonds.
Rioja and cava

When eating in Spain, they mostly drink local wines. Our tourists usually prefer red – such as the famous Rioja.
Very good Spanish sparkling wine Cava, which is produced using the same technology as French champagne. Lovers of strong drinks appreciate local brandy, for example, "veteran", which is drunk clean or with a coke.

In small bars or cafes, a glass of red wine or a portion of "veteran" costs 1-3 euros, a bottle of local champagne - 7-10 euros. In supermarkets, the cost of red wine starts from 0.7 euros, a bottle of Rioja brand costs 5-9 euros, a pot-bellied liter flask of veteran – 7-9 euros.

Almost all bars and cafes serve all sorts of tapas and light snacks with wine or beer, and often for a symbolic couple of euros or even for free. This can be olives, small sandwiches with salted fish, fried cheese, salted almonds, beans with ham, fried shrimp, and so on. Very popular as a tapas is the famous cured ham Hammon, which waiters cut very thin slices from a large cured pig\'s leg with a hoof in front of the customer.

It is very easy to find a good restaurant or bar in Spain. As in any country, you need to go to a place where the situation is simpler, and the visitors are exclusively local residents. A very good indicator is the absence of a menu in any language other than Spanish (although, most likely, the waiters in this case do not speak English, so a small phrase book will not hurt to have at hand). As a rule, the best fish restaurants can be found near the port, but pork dishes are best prepared in mountain villages. But in any case, you can eat delicious and cheap in any corner of Spain.


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