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How a gift characterizes men

The article tells about what men usually give to their lovers on holiday (
March 8), and how a gift characterizes a man’s attitude to a woman.
Undoubtedly, any woman wants to receive a gift from her beloved on March 8! In many families, certain traditions develop over time, and therefore we will not talk about those couples in which gifts are discussed in advance.

We will consider a situation where the relationship of the couple “OH and IT” is in the middle of development, that is, not so little time has passed since they met, however, the coveted proposal for marriage has not yet been made. What gift will your beloved choose? Psychologists analyzed what gifts men most often make to their beloved and made certain conclusions: which men give their loved ones flowers, which books and some jewelry. Although many say that "it is not a gift of roads...", but it still reflects the attitude of a man towards a woman. So what are they and how do men who give...

... flowers.
on a holiday, flowers are given to almost everyone. However, a man who always gives only flowers is an incorrigible romantic who knows that the beauty of flowers is short-lived and fragile, and does not forget that happiness is a temporary category. But he still decided to love, because at heart he is a poet.

.. sweets, toys.
This man is very nice to you. He likes to spoil you like a child. The only pity is that usually such men try to connect their lives with self-sufficient women.

... perfum.
Does your lover give you perfume that he likes? In this case, he is just an egoist, because his gift hints that you should exude the fragrance that is pleasant, first of all, to him. Think about it, maybe you don't pay enough attention to it?

... books.
For a man who gives books, the most valuable thing in your relationship is spirituality. You can have long conversations with him on interesting topics, and he gets great pleasure from it. Is the book he gave you his favorite? This means that they see you as a like-minded person and are ready to share their thoughts and feelings. If he gave you a book that is unknown to him, it means that he expects you to share your impressions with him and he is really interested in your opinion.

... beautiful underwear.
If a man gives underwear, it indicates his sensitivity and propensity to erotic fantasies. And you are an object of worship for him, with whom he wants to share his passion.

... small appliances.
He is serious, solid and does not like to waste money. He prefers to give gifts that will last for many years. However, this does not mean that all these years it connects with you. Don't forget to ask him casually if he has such a hair dryer (mixer, iron) at home. If there is, then prepare for the fact that it will be on its own, and you - on your own. After all, it is too practical to buy two identical mixers for the same family.

... expensive jewelry.
A man who is ready to give jewelry, generous, gallant and has an aesthetically developed taste. This gift explains his love for you and expresses his admiration.

... cell phone.
Such a man does not just keep up with the times. It is extremely important for them to be able to hear your voice whenever they want.

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source: https://www.wm-painting.ru/presents/p2_articleid/1961

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