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Development of ecotourism in the world

Recently, environmental protection is of interest not only to ecologists, but also to ordinary inhabitants of the planet. Many people began to think about the benefits that they can bring to the preservation of the ecosystem. The development of tourism has created a new industry called ecotourism.

Ecotourism is not just a walk through a protected area or Park. The purpose of ecotourism is to introduce humanity to the conservation of nature and teach the right attitude to it, aimed at preserving and thriving the environment.

In the vastness of Russia the little-known eco-tourism, while in Western countries it is popular everywhere. There is nothing better than spending your free time alone with the pristine nature. The only rule that applies on this trip is do no harm. When going on an eco-trip, tourists must use only environmentally friendly means of transport, stops are allowed only in designated areas, and you can collect natural gifts in permitted areas. Tourist centers are built in certain places and from natural materials.

Thus, the main objectives of ecotourism are:

  • instilling people's love for the surrounding nature;
  • development of ecological culture of tourists;.
  • conservation of nature in its original form.

Ecotourism objects can be not only natural resources, but also landscapes that combine the environment and traditional culture, as well as cultural attractions. Thus, to join ecotourism, you should not go to the most difficult places, just visit an object that is of cultural and historical value for humanity.

Today, ecotourism is the most dynamically developing branch of the industry. There are a number of reasons that contribute to this development.

First, it is not only useful, but also quite profitable, in material terms, because this type of tourist destination does not require large investments. You do not need to build a developed infrastructure in order to attract tourists. In addition, with small investments, the profit will not take long to arrive.

Secondly, ecotourism is particularly attractive to outdoor enthusiasts. Most of these tourist routes are laid through the paths of nature untouched by civilization. Accordingly, everyone has the opportunity to look into the protected corners of mother nature, walk on the rocks, and see various representatives of flora and fauna in their immediate environment.

In some countries, this type of tourism is given special attention and entrepreneurs who develop ecotourism receive state support. These include Latin American countries and most States located in East Africa. These countries with the help of ecotourism development quite successfully replenish their budget and are considered one of the main sources.

Despite the fact that the nature of Russia is rich in such places and is the most successful place for the development of ecotourism, the development of this direction is not given enough attention.

Russian landscapes, national parks and reserves are incomparable. Many tourists would not refuse to see the unique flora and fauna of lake Baikal, Altai and the Kuril reserve. We hope that Russia, with its riches, will soon also become one of the most developed centers of eco-tourism.

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