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Опубликовано: Февраль 20, 2020


Luchism is a pictorial method proposed around 1912 by M. F. Larionov and implemented in the artistic practice of Larionov and N. S. Goncharova in the works of 1912-1914.

The theory of luchism is described in Larionov's treatise "Luchism" (Moscow. 1913). The artist declared that the goal of painting is not the image of objects, but the image of color rays reflected from them, which, according to the author, is most close to how objects are "seen by the eye". Thus, according to the theory, the image approaches the "symbolic plane" of the picture. Rayism, therefore, erases the boundaries that exist between nature and the picture plane. Larionov believed that the ray should be conventionally represented by a colored line on the plane. Lucism is considered one of the earliest forms of abstract painting, but it also has other, broader aspects, such as the separation of the subject from its optical perception.

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