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Опубликовано: Февраль 17, 2020

How to choose a wedding dress for a full girl

Article about how to choose a full bride wedding dress. What styles should pay special attention to.

The biggest and most desired holiday for most women is a wedding. On this day, you want to look special, regardless of your education, wealth and physique.

Full brides are much more difficult to choose a wedding dress, because the existing problem areas need to be hidden, and the choice of dresses is not as diverse as we would like.

Most wedding dresses are designed for girls with a standard figure, so full young ladies, trying on another wedding dress in the store, get discouraged from one look in the mirror. For this reason, going in search of a wedding dress, you need to know exactly what you need. And do not try on all the styles available in the store, as this only worsens the mood and irrevocably takes precious time.

It is better to start searching for a wedding dress in advance, so that you do not encounter difficulties on the last day before the solemn event. In wedding catalogs, it is almost impossible to find something suitable, but among the photos of already held weddings, it is quite possible to see a full bride in a beautiful dress. Thanks to this, you will decide on the style, color and details of your wedding dress.

In no case should you buy a smaller dress with the expectation that you will lose weight. If on the eve of the celebration it turns out that the dress is too small for you, then it will be impossible to fix it. But a larger dress can always be sewn in a fairly short time.

Full ladies fit corset models, as they visually slim. But the skirt should not be lush, the ideal option is a trapezoidal skirt that gently flows in folds from the hips to the toes. A long outfit is able to visually stretch the figure.
Looks good on a full bride and a Greek-style dress. It has a form-fitting top and a high waist, just below the breast is the cut line, from which the folds of the skirt originate. The skirt can be either flared or straight. This model perfectly hides the tummy and other problem areas.

It is more difficult to choose a wedding dress for a short, stout woman. Such young ladies are more suitable for outfits that are a little below the knee, and you can lengthen your legs with the help of elegant boots or high-heeled shoes.

Large Breasts are not so easy to hide behind a closed top, where a deep cut will look better, visually reducing the upper part of the body.

A wedding dress with thin straps will only emphasize the fullness of the shoulders and arms. Based on this, it is better to choose a model with strapless or sleeves, but the sleeves should not be bulky, as well as short and narrow.

If you absolutely do not want to leave your hands open, then choose a dress with long straight translucent sleeves, or add a Bolero with a long sleeve. A good solution can be a luxurious lace shawl that gives femininity.

A plump woman will not look harmonious in a dress made of shimmering and sparkling fabrics, but the matte material will mask the shortcomings.

If you like dresses of simple styles, then expensive jewelry, exquisite hairstyle and a variety of wedding accessories will help to complement the image.

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